garmyard advocates sustainable fashion and strives to reduce the environmental impact of retail, in particular the impact associated with high-end labels. as such we believe our responsibility goes beyond “recycling clothes” and thus sustainability sits at the core of the brand.

to combat the impact of consumption, garmyard follows a number of core sustainability strategies:

plastic free


in response to the huge problem  caused by excessive packaging and single use plastic, we send all our items in certified compostable mailers made up of a bio based polymer. this means that they degrade in both commercial and domestic compost conditions and leave no harmful residue behind. they also travel better in the post in comparison to alternative paper mailers which works for us as we're all about quality.

recycled packaging

our hangtags are made from recycled paper and we attach them with a natural cord so as to keep consumption as low as possible. we also use recycled paper for the packing slips because the small things add up.


carbon neutral

at this stage we are unable to extend our sustainable reach as far as shipping, which makes us responsibile for the emissions created when items are delivered. to offset this carbon footprint, we donate 5% of profits from every drop to treesforall.nl - a charity based in the netherlands that focuses on sustainable reforestation projects. 

the goal is for garmyard to one day operate as a completely carbon neutral entity. so we continually discuss innovative ways in which we can work to reduce our impact on the environment,

if you have any questions or suggestions on ways in which we can improve our processes please get in touch. we welcome anything that might help this beautiful planet of ours!