garmyard curates vintage designer clothing to close the gap between high end items and everyday outfits.

our aim is to break the stereotypes often linked with expensive brands by making them more accessible, and also provide a much needed alternative to traditional vintage retailers. bypassing the swathes of identical and often overpriced suppliers to instead offer exclusive, one of a kind items that stand the test of time.

by offering pre-loved designer items, we hope to change the stigma associated with second-hand clothing and in the process, look to lower the environmental impact of the fashion industry by advocating a more sustainable solution.

we also believe that fashion is inclusive, and acts as a wonderful tool for self expression. as such, we avoid male/ female labels and hope to provide a platform that supports individuals wearing what they want when they want, regardless of what sex the item was originally intended!

we believe in keeping it fresh, so a new completely new collection, composed of hand selected items is released every month on instagram and online.


we love to help out where we can - so if there's a particular item you're on the hunt for, drop us an email at with details and specifications of the item and we'll be sure to keep an eye out the next time we're handpicking a drop.